Method 1 - Switch Browsers

The easiest way to start another order– before finishing your current order– is to switch computers or browsers (Firefox, Explorer Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc) to place another order. A browser can only store one cart at a time, but you can use multiple browsers to store different carts.  

Method 2 - Write Down Cart Id

Write down your cart ID if you need to start another order and do not want to lose your current cart. Your cart ID is located at the top of the box that contains your shopping cart (see image below).  Keep this cart ID handy so you can retrieve your cart when you are ready to continue shopping.

Go to the checkout and click 'Cancel' (see image below). Once again, DO NOT forget to write down your Cart ID or you will not be able to continue shopping later. When you are ready to continue shopping you can retrieve your other order(s) by clicking the transfer cart link. This is found in the shopping cart box beside the Cart ID as shown above.

Please Note: Cancelling an order deletes the Cart ID from your computer, but does not delete the cart from our system. 

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