Balloon clusters are used to add a 3D element to a design. Five-balloon clusters are used to create flower-shaped designs, topiaries, and are ideal for creating spiral balloon columns. 

How to Create a Five-Balloon Cluster

  1. Inflate and size two round latex balloons and tie them together making a duplet.
  2. Repeat step one with another pair of balloons. 
  3. Inflate a fifth balloon and tie it into the center of one of the duplets creating a three-balloon cluster.
  4. Take both the duplet and the three-balloon cluster and twist them together until they form a flower shape as shown below.


  • If using a five-balloon cluster to create a multi-colored spiral column, make sure to arrange each cluster with the same color pattern. 
  • Creating four-balloon clusters is the same, except you do not add the fifth balloon. After making two duplets, twist them together. Both types of clusters are used to create balloon arches, columns, and a sturdy base for free-standing decor. 
  • Always size balloons so that clusters are all identical. Balloons that are not precisely sized will not be visually appealing.

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