Chain link or chain balloons are balloons that can be chained together because they are manufactured as incomplete circles. Once the balloon is inflated, you can gently pull the two sides of the balloon apart to be chained together to create a long chain of balloons.


Manufacturers package chain-link balloons differently, which does cause confusion when deciding which balloons can be linked together. Not all manufacturers package their balloons as chain link balloons. 


Please Note: 

The letter “O”, the number "0", and the chain-link balloons are the same balloon but are packaged differently by the manufacturers. 


Betallic makes chainlink balloons but it is not as widely advertised. Their 14-inch and 40-inch Megaloon letters “O” and number "0" can be used as chain link balloons. However, Betallic’s 7-inch number and letter balloons cannot because they are manufactured as complete circles.


Northstar manufactures 16-inch and 34-inch chain links, letters, and number balloons. The balloons are all the same but packaged differently. The packaged 34-inch chain balloon is packaged using the name Chain Deco Link. 


If Bargain Balloons is sold out of the Chain Deco Link balloons– substitute it with a letter “O” or number “0”.

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