Gemar Balloon Dashes (ProTape, UGlu)

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UGlu Dashes, by Pro Tape & Specialties, now has two different packages. One box has light green packaging (see image 1 below), which is marketed to other industries. The second box is light blue, with the Gemar USA logoge (see image 2 below). Bargain Balloons now carries the Gemar-branded Balloon Dashes, but we want to assure you– the product is identical.

Branded as UGlu from Protape (image 1)
Brand as Gemar Balloon Dashes (image 2)


Balloon Application: Provides instant bond & permanent hold with the convenience and ease of tape.

Easy-to-peel, acid-free, non-toxic, weatherproof & waterproof.

Perfect for mounting, bonding, securing, temporary holding, and carpet installation. UGlu® is often used in the arts & crafts industry. This product adheres well to all woods and metals. Not recommended for use on plastics (see Pro® EHB Series for use on plastics).


  • Transparent


  • Clean removal
  • Good quick adhesion
  • Permanent bond
  • Low-temperature application
  • Good solvent resistance
  • Acid-Free
  • VOC Free
  • Totally "green" product

Common Applications:

  • Powder Coated Surfaces
  • Mounting, Bonding
  • Temporary Holding
  • Carpet Installation
  • Permanent Fastener


  • Quick Stick
  • Good Adhesion
  • Low-Temperature application
  • Short Term - High-Temperature Resistance
  • Permanent Bond
  • Clean Removal
  • Highly Conformable
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Good Solvent Resistance
  • pH Neutral
  • Good Moisture Resistance
  • Total Thickness: 20 mils

Balloon Dashes are available in four packaging types. Please note three of the four products are identical except for the quantity included.

  1. 160 pre-cut 1/2-inch x 5/8-inch pieces on sheets
  2. 500 pre-cut 1/2-inch x 5/8-inch pieces on a roll
  3. 1000 pre-cut 1/2-inch x 5/8-inch pieces on a roll
  4. 250 pre-cut 1-inch x 3-inch individually cut strips 

Watch the Video

Balloon Dashes: 500 Per Roll, 1/2-inch x 5/8-inch– Made By ProTape UGLu


UPC: 840178026057

Balloon Dashes: 1/2-inch X 5/8-inch, 1000 Per Roll –Made By ProTape UGLu


UPC: 840178026064

Balloon Dashes: 1/2-inch X 5/8-inch, 160 Pieces– Made By ProTape UGLu


UPC: 840178026033

Balloon Dashes: 1-inch X 3-inch, 250 Strip Pieces– Made By ProTape UGlu


UPC: 840178026040 

Tech Data Sheet (Download Here)


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