What Is the California Balloon Law?

Modified on Tue, 23 Feb 2021 at 03:01 AM

In 1990, the California State Legislature passed the Balloon Law to control the use and sale of helium-filled balloons. The sale and distribution of foil balloons filled with helium are prohibited unless the balloon is attached to a  proper weight, alongside a warning statement and visible identification of the manufacturer. 

Balloon retailers must always tie all balloons to weights in case they escape and accidentally float away. It is very important to never use metallic ribbons with helium-filled balloons because it conducts electricity; and if the balloon floats into a power line, it will cause a mass power outage.

Under this law, any balloon made of a material that is electrically conductive is prohibited from being filled with a gas that is lighter than air and released outdoors. Selling or distributing balloons filled with a gas that is lighter than air is also prohibited.

Any person who is found guilty of violating this law will be penalized with a fine no greater than $100 USD. Any person who has violated this law twice will be convicted guilty of a misdemeanour.

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