Stretchy Tape, manufactured by Clik-Clik, is a single-sided adhesive that works immediately on contact. Cut about 3 inches of the Stretchy Tape and fold the Stretchy Tape in half with the liner inside. Lift the Stretchy Tape from one side of the liner while pressing the Stretchy Tape onto the foil or latex balloon. Place the other end of the tape onto the second balloon and remove the remaining liner. 

For the best results, repeat this process on the other side of the balloon. You can choose to remove the liner before sticking it onto the balloon, however, Stretchy Tape is extremely sticky and can adhere to fingers if not careful. 

Balloon Bond is an adhesive also manufactured by Clik-Clik and is a two-sided adhesive that cannot be re-positioned, so it is important to take your time and place it correctly. Balloon Bond is similar to Stretchy Tape but is not as visible as Stretchy Tape. 

To use Balloon Bond, cut an appropriate amount of tape and press the sticky side down firmly onto the balloon. Peel off the liner at the corner and an invisible joint will be left on the balloon. 

If the liner is difficult to remove, rub it for a bit to produce warmth and it should come off. Press the second balloon onto the adhesive while keeping the other balloon in position. 

Balloon Bond takes longer to stick to than Stretchy Tape but does produce a strong bond.

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