Unique brand 3D Star-Burst balloon comes with 12 self-sealing, air-filled foil taper shaped balloons. They are available in 27.5-inch and 40-inch sizes and in gold, white, silver, red, pink, blue, and rose gold colors. 

To create a star-burst each balloon needs to be inflated and self-assembled. This is not a pre-attached design, so customers have to create 6 pairs of duplets by tying the necks of two balloons together. For instructions on how to create duplets watch the video link below. 

These air-filled balloons require hanging by twisting ribbon or string into the center of the star. Hang Tabs can also be used to suspend them from the ceiling. They are large in size so a few attachment points may be needed. 

Multi-colored stars can be created by combining different colors together. These jumbo-sized balloons are designed to make statements and are a great decor or focal point for any event.

How to Create a Foil Duplet (3:00 mark)

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