Which colors are in each Qualatex assortment?

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The following is a list of Qualatex color assortments.  

Please Note: that we do not guarantee how many of each color will be in each bag or even if all the colors will be in each assortment.  Qualatex is generally consistent with colors when packaging their latex assortments.

Standard Assortment
Dark Blue, Green, Red Yellow, Orange, Pink

Standard Assortment with White
Dark Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, White

Party Assortment
Purple Violet, Wild Berry, Yellow, Lime Green, Robin's Egg Blue

Pastel Assortment
Yellow, Pink, Pale Blue, Wintergreen, Spring Lilac

Carnival Assortment
Dark Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple Violet, Lime Green

Jewel Assortment
Quartz Purple, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Citrine Yellow, Mandarin Orange, Jewel Magenta, Diamond Clear

Radiant Jewel Assortment
Quartz Purple, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Citrine Yellow

Fantasy Assortment
Jewel Magenta, Jewel Teal, Quartz Purple, Jewel Lime, Sapphire Blue, Citrine Yellow, Mandarin Orange

Autumn Assortment
Orange, Goldenrod, Mocha Brown, Pearl Sparkling Burgundy

Tropical Assortment
Yellow, Orange, Robin's Egg Blue, Purple Violet, Wild Berry, Lime Green

Spring Assortment
Yellow, Rose, Spring Lilac, Lime Green

Festive Assortment
Red, Orange, Tropical Teal, Goldenrod, Rose, Spring Lilac, Lime Green

Contemporary Assortment
Orange, Tropical Teal, Goldenrod, Rose, Spring Lilac, Lime Green, Periwinkle

Neon Assortment
Neon Blue, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Violet, Neon Magenta

Radiant Pearl Assortment
Pearl Sapphire Blue, Pearl Emerald Green, Pearl Ruby Red, Pearl Citrine Yellow, Pearl Quartz Purple

Pastel Pearl Assortment
Pearl Lemon Chiffon, Pearl Mint Green, Pearl Lavender, Pearl Pink, Pearl Light Blue

Carnival Heart Assortment
Dark Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Violet, Lime Green

Love Assortment
White, Rose, Ruby Red

Sweetheart Assortment
Red, Pink, White

Flower Assortment
Pink, White, Rose, Spring Lilac, Lime Green, Wild Berry

Autumn Assortment
Orange, Goldenrod, Mocha Brown and Pearl Burgundy.

Halloween Assortment
Onyx Black/Mandarin Orange

Red Hot Assortment
Red, Orange, Purple Violet, Robin's Egg Blue, Goldenrod & Lime Green

Yellow, Caribbean Blue, Coral, Spring Lilac, Lime Green

Trendy Assortment
Wild Berry, Rose, Lime Green, Tropical Teal & Spring Lilac

Qualatex Assortments
Assortment NameProduct Code in Assortment
5 Inches Bright Rainbow Assortment 49487,43570,43609,43599,45707,82683,82697
5 Inches Carnival Assortment 20914,43553,43561,43599,43609,43570,82697,48954
5 Inches Fantasy Assortment 99332,43564,43598,99334,99326,43602,43551,43569
5 Inches Festive Assortment 78269,43599,43570,43605,43600,43565,43559,48954
5 Inches Jewel Assortment 43563,43598,99326,43602,43555,43601,43551,43569,43552
5 Inches Pastel Assortment 43572,43609,43575,43571,43608,43565
5 Inches Pastel Pearl Assortment 43566,43585,43590,43587,43592,43586
5 Inches Sorbet Assortment 16870,43609,50319,24258,43565,48954
5 Inches Standard Assortment 43567,43553,43561,43599,43609,43570,43575
5 Inches Tropical Assortment 34440,43609,43570,82683,82697,25571,48954
9 Inches Jewel Assortment 43689,43702,99327,43706,43681,43705,43678,43695,43679
9 Inches Pastel Assortment 43698,43714,43701,43697,43713,43691
9 Inches Standard Assortment 43692,43680,43687,43703,43714,43696,43701
11 Inches Bright Rainbow Assortment 49490,43761,43804,43790,45712,82685,82699
11 Inches Carnival Assortment 20915,43742,43750,43790,43804,43761,82699,48955
11 Inches Fantasy Assortment 78197,43753,43789,78194,99323,43793,43740,43760
11 Inches Festive Assortment 78270,43790,43761,43799,43748,43791,43754,48955
11 Inches Jewel Assortment 43752,43789,99323,43793,43744,43792,43740,43760,43741
11 Inches Neon Assortment 74589,78389,74572,74573,74574,74576,74577
11 Inches Party Assortment 46223,82699,25572,43804,48955,82685
11 Inches Pastel Assortment 43763,43804,43766,43762,43803,43754
11 Inches Pastel Pearl Assortment 43755,43776,43781,43778,43783,43777
11 Inches Rainbow SuperAgate Assortment 91544,91538,91539,91540,91541,91543
11 Inches Sorbet Assortment 16875,43804,50322,24284,43754,48955
11 Inches Spring Assortment 87236,43804,43791,43754,48955
11 Inches Standard Assortment 43756,43742,43750,43790,43804,43761,43766
11 Inches Tropical Assortment 25341,43804,43761,82685,82699,25572,48955
16 Inches Fantasy Assortment 99331,43872,43896,99333,99325,43900,43860,43877
16 Inches Festive Assortment 78297,43897,43878,43902,43867,43898,43873,73145
16 Inches Jewel Assortment 43871,43896,99325,43900,43863,43899,43860,43877,43861
16 Inches Jewel Blossom Assortment 39755,37808,37809,37811,37812,37813,37814,37815
16 Inches Pastel Assortment 43880,43906,43883,43879,43905,43873
16 Inches Pastel Pearl Assortment 43874,43887,43891,43889,43893,43888
16 Inches Standard Assortment 43875,43862,43869,43897,43906,43878,43883
12 Inches Carnival Assortment Quicklinks15347,65215,65224,65213,65214,65221,65230,65217
12 Inches Tropical Assortment Quicklinks15346,65214,65221,65274,65230,65225,65217
6 Inches Carnival Assortment Hearts13763,13792,13793,43645,13794,13764,13791,62590
6 Inches Jewel Assortment Hearts43638,43643,99328,43649,43636,43647,43634,43639,43635
6 Inches Love Assortment Hearts47949,43651,43646,43647
6 Inches Pearl Assortment Hearts17741,17729,17730,17731,17732
11 Inches Love Assortment Hearts47950,43735,43731,43732
15 Inches Love Assortment Hearts24022,24019,24020,24021
Geo Donuts
16 Inches Flower Assortment Donut 33299,37687,37688,37803,37692,37695,37802
16 Inches Jewel Assortment Donut39745,37801,37799,37800,37773,37696,37700,37702
Geo Blossoms
6 Inches Flower Assortment Blossom87166,37659,37661,37686,37662,37665,37685
6 Inches Jewel Blossom Assortment 43615,37667,37668,37679,37681,37682,37683,37684
16 Inches Flower Assortment Blossom87171,37804,37805,37817,37806,37807,37816
Twisting Balloon Assortments
160Q Carnival Assortment 99320,88345,88346,88347,88348,88349,82705,88353
160Q Character Assortment 13773,43918,88350,99382,68779,43907,68782
160Q Classic Assortment 44559,88345,88346,88347,88348,88349,43913,43911,43918,82705,43907
160Q Traditional Assortment 43915,43913,43911,43918,43907,43914,43917,43909,43916,43908,43910
160Q Vibrant Assortment 13767,43913,43911,82690,82672,82671,62597,62598
260Q Carnival Assortment  99321,79697,79698,79699,79700,79701,82707,79696,63006
260Q Character Assortment  13775,43962,43944,80343,99383,68780,43937
260Q Classic Assortment  44560,79697,79698,79699,79700,79701,43950,43948,43962,82707,43937,44562
260Q Entertainer Assortment  43961,77565,99383,43963,99353,43942,43957,43945,43944,99329,43940
260Q Neon Assortment  73308,77246,76411,76412,76413,76415,76416
260Q Traditional Assortment  43956,43950,43948,43962,43937,43955,43959,43941,43958,43939,43946,73062
260Q Tropical Assortment45195,79700,79701,82692,82707,25577,79696
260Q Vibrant Assortment  13769,43950,43948,82692,43963,43942,43957,43945
321Q Bee Body Assortment44032,13578,13579,91704
321Q Special Assortment13717,13571,13572,13573,13574,13575
350Q Carnival Assortment  99322,97226,97227,97228,97229,97230,82709,98529
350Q Character Assortment  13777,44050,51680,92528,99384,82682,44036
350Q Classic Assortment  44561,97226,97227,97228,97229,97230,44045,44043,44050,82709,44036
350Q Traditional Assortment  44047,44045,44043,44050,44036,44046,44049,44040,44048,44038,44042
350Q Vibrant Assortment  13771,44045,44043,82680,82694,82677,82678
646Q Carnival Assortment  13797,13784,13785,13786,13788,13787,82675,13789
646Q Character Assortment  13779,75451,68307,82670,99385,82674,75452
646Q Special Assortment  75460,75457,75458,75456,75455,75454,75453,99385,75459,75451,75449,75452,75450

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