How do I use balloons as pool decor?

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Pool decor is becoming a hot trend that adds flair and glamour to any pool party event. It is important to know before you begin decorating if people will be swimming or not in the pool and make guests aware of the hazards that come along with pool decor. 

Balloons that are attached to ribbon and/or monofilament lines in a pool are dangerous to guests swimming because they can get tangled in the lines or hurt themselves with the balloon weights. If there will be guests swimming in the pool, it is better to be cautious and use air-filled balloons as pool centerpieces. 

If you have been hired to decorate a pool for a client, establish the terms and conditions to make sure that you are not responsible for any damage that may be caused. 

Tips to Pool Decorating

  • When choosing balloons to use, stay away from pearlized balloons because they will oxidize faster. 
  • It is best to use light colors instead of darker tones, as dark colors pop more easily under hot temperatures. If the event is in the evening, the colors of your balloons will not become a factor. 
  • Helium filled latex balloons generally stay afloat from ten to twelve hours under normal conditions. 
  • It is best to treat balloons with Hi-Float for an all-day event especially if it is a hot day, the float time will be shorter. 
  • For evening events, placing LED lights in balloons will create a stunning visual effect and provide lighting. 
  • Caution guests against swimming in the pool at night time especially if there are ribbon and line.

Securing Weights in a Pool

There are a number of weights that can be used to secure the balloons in a pool. 

  • Some decorators have used sand-filled milk jugs or heavy rocks in a ziplock bag. However, if they spill over or leak out, this could damage the pool's filtration system. 
  • If it is a windy day, use heavier weights like cement blocks or cement-filled buckets. 
  • If the weights are not heavy enough, the wind could slide your weights around the bottom of the pool, possibly even tearing the liner. 
  • Pools with vinyl liners are also more susceptible to the movement because the material is slippery. 
  • Do not use water balloons as weights because they float in water. 
  • Printed foil balloons should not be placed in direct water as the paint will come off. 

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