Water Balloons

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Water balloons are generally 2 to 4 inches and are the ultimate must-have for at any pool party, outdoor birthday party, family gathering, carnival, etc.  A classic water balloon can be filled directly with a hose or tap and there are some water balloon companies that include a nozzle in the package. These nozzles twist into a standard hose or tap making it easier to fill the balloon with water. 

Filling up water balloons can be a time-consuming task because they are tiny and have small necks, making it a laborious task to take on. Repeatedly stretching the neck of a 4-inch latex balloon can become painful for your hands and fingers and can possibly cause the balloon neck to break. It is recommended to use a nozzle when filling water balloons if one is available. 

Water Rockets inflate the same way as a standard water balloon, but they are much larger– 13 inches in length–  allowing for a bigger splash when hitting your target.

Cannon Water Bombs are solid black latex balloons that are approximately 5-inch in size. They are designed to look like real bombs and also inflate the same way as a standard water balloon.

Bunch-O-Balloons are a self-tieing balloon made by the company ZURU. They filter water into 33 pre-tied balloons at a time and within seconds. Each neck of the balloon is tied onto a separate straw-like outlet with an elastic band.

Hand-screw a Bunch-O-Balloon onto a hose so the water trickles down into each balloon, filling each one up. as the balloon fills up it will eventually drop off and tie itself. It is strongly suggested that this is done over a bucket of water, to prevent balloons from bursting once they drop. 

Water Balls are made from flex-float plastic. These can be reused repeatedly because they do not burst. They inflate by being submerged into a bucket of water. Two self-sealing flaps on opposite sides of the ball, take in the water and close once it is filled. The pressure inside of the ball keeps the water inside. When the target is hit, the flaps open up and release the water inside. These are environmentally safe and leave very little mess. 

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