Convergram Product Types

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Below is a list of terms that Convergram uses to describe their different balloon films. These terms may appear on our website.

Gellibeans Full Color: These bright coloured non-foil balloons do not conduct electricity. Foil balloons can give off a slight electrical charge, as the aluminum allows particles to flow freely. These balloons are also waterproof, so ink will not run off the balloon. Despite being made from non-metalized nylon, these balloons can be inflated with air or helium. 

Gellibeans Special Value: Similar to the Gellibeans Full Colour line, these balloons share the same material properties. These balloons are offered in pastel colours. 

Gellibeans Solid Colors: This is another line of the Gellibean non-foil balloons. However, this line only offers solid colours. The balloon film properties are the same as the other Gellibean balloon lines.

Gellibeans Neon: 18 inch Gellibean Neon balloons are non-foil balloons that glow under a UV black light. These balloons are perfect for a black light party. 

Prism Look: The print on these foil balloons are made up of intricate squares and triangles, giving them a holographic effect without the cost of holographic film. 

Clear View: 9 inch to 36 inch Clear view balloons are made from translucent plastic that vary in colour. Like Gellibean balloons, they do not conduct electricity. 

Super Clear View: This line of Clear View balloons is only available in 24 inches. They share the same properties of the standard Clear View balloons, except the film is clear and uncoloured.

3D: These balloons will expand and form a full figure when inflated. 

Holographic: These balloons are printed on light reflecting films. These films produce colour enhancing effects that will dazzle customers.

K-light: This line of balloons uses 14 to 20 percent less helium. 

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A balloon with a smooth non-reflective surface.

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