If you need to place an order without entering credit card information, please use the Pass Along option (see image below). By choosing the Pass Along option, the inventory will be held for you. You will find the option on the second to last page of checkout when choosing your payment method.

There are several reasons to choose the Pass Along option.

  1. To place an order and call to pay for it in the next few days.
  2. For schools or companies approved to use purchase orders or pay by check. See this article for more information on paying by check. 
  3. You do not want to enter credit card information online and prefer to call with credit card information once the order has been placed.
  4. You are having issues at checkout.

Please call 1-866-330-1272 if you have any issues or fax us at 1-805-357-5944.

Please Note: DO NOT misuse the Pass Along option. If misused, shipping times will be delayed. With the exception of companies that qualify to pay by check, orders that are not prepaid are not shipped. We cancel all Pass Along orders when we do not hear from you within 15 days.