Not many companies manufacture balloon cups that can hold up air-filled foil balloons larger than 18-inches and large latex balloons. With the current helium shortage, more customers and decorators are turning to air-filled designs. 

Bargain Balloons carries Premium's line of Maxi Cups and Maxi Sticks that will support 18-inch to 28-inch foils and up to 24-inch latex balloons. Balloons larger than these will fall over as the cup is not large enough to fit the balloon. 

Maxi Cups are extra large and oval-shaped, while Maxi Sticks are extra thick for additional support. These are the largest balloon cups available currently. Customers typically helium-fill larger balloons which may be why balloon cups are not designed to fit jumbo balloons. If helium is not available and a balloon is larger than 24-inches and 28-inches– Bargain Balloons recommends using Hang Tabs, string, or ribbon to hang them. 

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