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  • 15 panels (12-inch by 12-inch),10 clips, reusable storage box, (latex balloons not included).
  • Each panel is 12-inch by 12-inch and has four 6-inch by 6-inch quadrants.
  • Each panel holds four latex balloons that are under-inflated to 7.5 inches. If you try to insert a balloon larger than 7.5 inches into a GRIDZ panel, it will bend the frame and distort the final product. This could cause the panel to become damaged making it no longer usable.
  • A kit holds a minimum of sixty air-filled latex balloons when inflated to guidelines.



  • 30 cross inserts per bag, (latex balloons not included)
  • Cross inserts are placed inside a 6-inch by 6-inch quadrant for more detailed designs
  • Each cell can hold a 5-inch air-filled latex balloon under-inflated to 4 inches 

GRIDZ Triangles

Triangle Modules (triangle space) 9-inch or 11-inch air-filled latex under-inflated to 7 inches for squares, and 9-inch air-filled latex under-inflated to 6 inches for triangles.

GRIDZ Replacement Clips

Replacement clips for attaching GRIDZ to support poles 


1. All GRIDZ panels have corresponding tabs and dots on all sides. Always make sure the tabs are hooked over the frame of the attaching panel, one over and one under.

2. Start with the center tabs in the middle of the frame. There should be two on top and two on the bottom.

3. To close the tab, snap them together by pushing down on them.

4. The final step is to move to the corners and snap them together by applying pressure on the dots. Do not apply pressure on the tabs.


1. Disassemble in the reverse order of assembly.

2. No need to disassemble every panel when tearing it down, you can break it down into sections and store it that way for future use. This way it is already partially assembled for quicker setup.


  • Do not use balloons that are larger than the suggested size for the panel. This will cause the GRIDZ frame to bend, distort the final product, and can possibly damage the frame making it unusable. 
  • Do not use tape when attaching GRIDZ frames to support poles. It will leave a sticky residue that will cause the balloons to stick to the panel the next time you use it.
  • When deflating balloons with a knife, try not to cut or scratch the GRIDZ frames. This will leave a sharp edge that could pop balloons the next time you use your frames.
  • When disassembling, make sure all the support poles are detached before snapping apart GRIDZ. If not, the risk of bending or breaking the frames will be possible.


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