Quick links and Link-O-Loons are balloons that are attached or can be linked to two different points. Quick Links are made by Qualatex and Link-O-Loons are made by Betallic. Both brands are quick and easy to assemble and do not require monofilament or balloon Gridz.

You can use either brand to create balloon arches, columns, walls, sculptures, and endless design possibilities. Both are double-ended latex balloons because they can be attached at two different points on the balloon.

Quick Links are available in 6-inch and 12-inch and Link-O-Loons come in 6-inch, 12-inch, and 660.

Link-O-Loons 660 balloons are available in standard colors and are also available as 10-foot banners with messages such as "Happy Birthday", "It's A Girl", "Merry Christmas", "Happy Halloween", "Welcome" and "Congratulations". 

Unfortunately, Bargain Balloons does not sell Link-O-Loons 660 balloons or the 10-foot banner balloons with messages, However, we do sell other assorted banner packages.

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