The Trigger Valve Outlet is operated manually. For foil balloons, simply squeeze the trigger to release helium. Use this outlet to also fill latex balloons. Place the latex balloon on the blue cone to help stop helium from escaping. This outlet snaps onto Conwin’s 10ft Extension Hose Inflators, and also works with Conwin’s Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool.

Warnings: This outlet does not come with an auto shut-off. You need to control the helium when inflating a foil balloon. Stop inflating once the foil balloon still has wrinkles along the seam. Stop at your desired size for a latex balloon.

Use to Inflate

  • Foil Balloons
  • Bubble Balloons
  • Valved Latex Balloons (requires the use of an extension tip)
  • Quick Links
  • Geo Blossoms
  • Geo Donuts
  • Hearts
  • Orbz Balloons
  • 260Q, 321Q, 350Q, 646Q, 660Q (260Q balloons require the use of an extension tip)
  • Latex Balloons from 5 inches to 36 inches (5 inch balloons require the use of an extension tip)

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