Can I Use Foil Balloons Outdoors?

Modified on Sun, 10 Nov, 2019 at 10:19 PM

Using foil balloons outdoors can be difficult. If helium filled foil balloons are being used outdoors, be aware that helium contracts and expands inside a balloon when the temperature changes. A foil balloon that is inflated at room temperature and taken outdoors into cold temperature, will begin to appear deflated very quickly. Unlike latex balloons, which can expand and contract without being noticeable; foil balloons only look good when fully inflated. If it is hot outdoors, consider under-inflating the foil balloon so it does not pop once taken outside. If it is cold outside, inflate balloons outdoors or add more helium once outside. If the temperature outside changes, the foil balloon will look inflated or deflated based on these changes (with the risk of popping). 

Consider the following when using foil balloons outdoors:

  • Consider the temperature outside when inflating the balloon
  • Make sure all foil balloons are properly tied down so none blow away
  • Use weights heavier than normally required to account for the winds ability to lift a weighted balloon
  • Place balloons away from any object that may cause them to pop
  • Always dispose of foil balloons properly once used
  • Foil balloons should not be used in balloon releases

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