The Balloon filling hose ensures a quick and controlled way to inflate Cloudbuster balloons with minimal waste of helium. The hose is designed with a hand-tight connection for quick and easy installation to any helium tank. 

The hose is 24 inches long and has a built-in restricted flow. The Balloon Filling Hose is recommended for businesses that use Cloudbuster balloons often. 

How to use The Balloon Filling Hose

  1. Insert the end part of the hose into the neck of the balloon. Make sure the end of the hose is centred within the balloon and not touching or positioned close to the side of the balloon. 
  2. Gather the neck of the balloon around the hose and hold it as tight as possible to prevent helium loss. 

*If a regular latex helium nozzle is being used, please see our Cloudbuster inflation instructions.

Bargain Balloons does not currently carry this product, however, we can special order it. Simply open a Support ticket for Balloon Filling Hose item #92106. 

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