Step 1- Remove Air Bubble Balloons from foil packaging. If you do not intend to inflate all 10 Air Bubbles at the same time, we recommend that you re-seal the package using a heat sealer or tape the package closed. Do not fill Air Bubble Balloons with helium.

Step 2- Use a hand pump to inflate Air Bubble Balloons until fully inflated. The balloons should have no wrinkles on the seams.

Step 3- Using a heat-sealer; seal the Air Bubble Balloon as high on the neck as possible, without damaging the curve of the Bubble Balloon.

Caution: If the heat sealer is too hot, the plastic may burn. If the sealer is too cold, you may not completely seal the balloon and air may escape from the balloon. Some customers choose to seal the balloon more than once to ensure the balloon seal.

Step 4- Attach stick and cup to the balloon.

Download a copy of the manufacturers Bubble Balloon inflation instructions here.

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