How to Make a Balloon Curl (Entertainer Balloons)

Modified on Thu, 06 Jul 2023 at 03:50 PM

removes the balloon's elasticityCurly balloons are entertainer balloons with a spiral shape. The spiral shape can be achieved using a few different methods. The first method is to wrap the balloon around something circular. An arm, finger, cardboard tube, or hand pump inflator will all suffice. Inflate the balloon using a hand pump or an air inflator and then release the air. This takes out the elasticity of the balloon, making it easier to manipulate and form a solid curl. After letting the air out, some decorators tie a 160Q balloon around a circular object. This allows for holding another 160Q or 260Q balloon in place while inflating it at the same time. Ensure the balloon is not twisted so air can pass through the entire balloon. The balloons shouldn’t be wrapped too tightly or lose. 

Balloons can also be molded with hands for a tighter curl. The second method is to insert a 160Q balloon into a 260Q balloon. If translucent balloons are being used, the 160Q and 260Q should be the same color, as the 160Q will not be removed. Once inserted, a knot should be tied at the tip as long as possible to the end of the balloon. Only inflate the 260Q balloon, and it will automatically create a spiral. Depending on the size, some air should be let out before the 160Q and 260Q balloon necks are tied together. 

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