Balloon Topiary

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A balloon topiary is an air-filled design that resembles a trimmed shrub or tree. It can be used to create a centerpiece, or as a free-standing structure. A topiary can even be hung by simply attaching a ribbon or string through the middle of the column and then fastening it to the ceiling beams to a support system.  

Materials Needed

  • Base and pole
  • 22 latex balloons (12 for the topiary and 10 for the base)
  • Additional embellishments of your choice

How to Build a Topiary

  1. To create a standing topiary, you will need a base and a pole, to begin with. 
  2. Create a cluster with five balloons and attach them to the base or the "trunk". 
  3. Make another cluster with five smaller balloons and place it on top of the first cluster. 
  4. 4-balloon clusters can be used, but using a 5-balloon cluster will keep in theme with the round shape that the topiary has at the top. 
  5. Using 12 latex balloons, create 6 pairs of duplets (a pair of balloons)
  6. Interlock two duplets together followed by the remaining making sure that they all intersect at the knot so the center stays constant. 
  7. Once completed, there should be a flower shape on each side of the topiary with five balloons on the outside and a center balloon. 
  8. Attach the topiary to the top of the pole by using a 260Q to tie around the pole and using it to secure the topiary to the pole. You will have to loop the 260Q around the balloons to secure it. 
  9. You can now embellish your design with additional decors such as flowers made from modeling balloons or curly Qs.

You can also dress up the pole with 260Qs and streamers. The choices are endless.

Tips for the Best Results

  • To ensure a round and balanced topiary only use 12 balloons. To make a larger design, increase the size of the balloons but not the quantity.  

How to Make a Balloon Topiary


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