Balloons can be prepared and popped in many different ways for a gender reveal. We have a variety of different baby/gender-themed balloons that are suitable for any gender reveal party. Colored shapes such as hearts, circles, and stars can also be paired with gender-themed balloons. 


1. Stuff a clear latex balloon with a black balloon and then insert colored confetti or powder.

2. Veiling/unveiling colored balloons (indoors only if balloons are to be released).

3. Filling a black gender reveal balloon with colored confetti or powder.

4. Fill a box with colored balloons (pink or blue) and then reveal.

Shop for:

Gender Reveal Balloons

Confetti Girl/Boy Balloon

"Girl" Script Balloon 

"Boy" Block Phrase Balloon 

Tissue Paper Confetti

Bouquet Twinkle Little Star Foil Balloon (Unisex)

18" Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Balloons



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