Letter and Number Balloons

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Bargain Balloons carries a wide selection of letter and number balloons in different scripts, sizes, and colors for any event or festivity. 


Foil balloons, regardless of size, can be filled with air if you do not need them to float. However, only letter and number balloons 18-inch or larger will float with helium, whereas, 7-inch, 14-inch and 16-inch foil balloons will not float with helium. These balloons will say “Air Fill Only” in the title or description on our website.  


All number and letter foil balloons are manufactured with self-sealing valves, with the exception of 7-inch balloons. This only applies to 7-inch number and letter balloons. All other types of airfill balloons (2-inch to 16-inch) require heat-sealing and needs to be placed on cup and sticks. There are no cups and sticks for the larger balloons.


All foil balloons can be blown up using a straw or hand pump with air, however, they will not float. Airfill balloons do not float balloons even if inflated with helium. If you are inflating 18-inch or larger foil balloons with helium, you will need to use the correct balloon nozzle to inflate them.  Latex and foil balloons require two different types of nozzles to inflate each. If you use the wrong nozzle you could damage one or more balloons and risk not being able to complete the word or name.

Bargain Balloons sells several brands of letter and number balloons. When placing an order online, be sure to choose matching brands and sizes.  Different brands will not look good together because the colors, shapes and sizes will not match. 


Please Note: The quality of all the balloons is similar.

Stringing or Tying the Balloon Together


All letter and number balloons (except 7-inch balloons) have tabs on the balloons that make it easy for you to string the balloons together using a ribbon or fishing line. It is possible to string 7-inch balloons together using tape to tape the balloons to the ribbon or string.

See Article: Number and Letter Balloon Measurements for more information.


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