The Clip-N-Weight® weights are made by Premium Balloon Accessories and come in primary and pastel color weights. 

The 8-gram weights come in 100 counts and can hold down one 11-inch latex balloons and/or 18-inch foil balloons. 

The 16-gram weights can hold down one to two 11-inch latex balloons and one 22-inch to 26-inch foil balloon. 

The 30-gram Bubble Clip-N-Weight® comes in 25 counts and can hold down all sizes of Qualatex Bubble Balloons, 11-inch to 12-inch latex balloons, and 18-inch foil balloons. These clips can also be used with foil shapes, Orbz™, Bubbles™, or two 11-inch latex and also comes with a pre-attached white ribbon.

Clip-N-Weight® allows balloons to be simply clipped to anything, anywhere and allows for easy transport when clipped to the tail of a balloon to keep it on the floor of a car. 

Once the balloons have been discarded there are multiple uses for Clip-N-Weight®, such as sealing bags, holding papers together, and other decorating ideas. 

Clip-N-Weight 8g 

Bubble Clip-N-Spool 30 Gram Clear Weights

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