This stunning air-filled piece uses Anagram's decorative curve balloons, giving the design a whimsical touch. This design makes for an elegant table piece or focal point and can even be used in pool decor. 


  • 8 x15-inch Anagram Decorator Foil Curve Balloons (Requires heat sealing)
  • 8 x 19-inch Anagram Decorator Foil Curve Balloons (Requires heat sealing)
  • 1 x 11-inch Latex Balloon
  • Circular cake-board
  • Cable Ties 

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  1. Make a small hole in the center of the cake board and cut a slit in the edge of the hole about 1 cm long. 
  2. Inflate all of the curve balloons with air and hold all the 15-inch balloons together in a bundle. Tie them together closely with a cable to the base of the body of the balloon. Repeat with the 19-inch curve balloons. 
  3. Inflate the latex balloon to 6 inches with air and tie a knot. 
  4. Pull the neck of the latex balloon through one of the sides of the 15 curves, then through one of the sides of the 19-inch curves. Insert the latex neck through the hole in the board and secure it in the slit. 

Design Tips

  • Use larger curve balloons for a bigger decor piece.
  • Use cable ties that are the same color as the balloons you are using.

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