All our twisting latex balloons can be found by simply scrolling over the green menu bar at the top of the screen. Hover over the ‘Latex’ button to see all latex balloon options. Then hover your mouse over ‘Specialty Latex’ to show the option for Twisting balloons (see image below).



Bargain Balloons only carries twisting balloons from the following manufacturers:

  • Qualatex (Q)
  • Kalisan (K)
  • Decomex (D)
  • Betallatex (B)


The numbers refer to the size of the balloon when inflated and the letter represents the manufacturer. 

Example: 160Q

  • The first digit (1), always represents the width of the balloon when fully inflated.
  • The last two digits (60), refer to the length of the balloon when fully inflated.
  • The letter (‘Q’) refers to the manufacturer.


Here are measurements  of twisting balloons when INFLATED:


  • 160: 1-inch wide and 60-inch long
  • 260: 2-inch wide and 60-inch long (popular size).
  • 321: 3-inch wide and 21-inch long (special tapered design often for making bee bodies).
  • 350: 3-inch wide and 50-inch long
  • 360: 3-inch wide and 60-inch long
  • 646: 6-inch wide and 46-inch long


Twisting balloons come in a wide variety of colors depending on the manufacturer. A few Qualatex pearl colors are seasonal and may not be available all year round.

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