Shipping costs are typically calculated by weight. However, some parcels are very light and bulky. These parcels might take up a considerate amount of space in the truck or airplane (e.g one piece plastic sticks). Therefore, an additional charge is incurred for lightweight bulky shipments. The shipment is measured and divided by a divider. Shipping costs are then charged on whichever is higher; the shipping weight or the dimensional weight. UPS multiplies the length, width, and height, and then divides this by 139. The divider could be different based on the courier company.

For example:

A box of 1000 one piece sticks weighs 13.15 LBS. The box measures 18 X 16 X 16. UPS would measure this box and price it at 33.15 LBS. If you choose ground shipping, we offer flat shipping rates so these additional costs will not be included. If you choose express shipping, you will be responsible for some of the costs. We suggest limiting the amount of bulky items you ship express, since shipping costs for express are calculated by weight and dimensional weight. Our shipping costs are calculated at checkout.