An AirWalker balloon is a tall balloon that appears to be walking once inflated with helium. Weights are placed at the bottom of an AirWalker allowing the balloon to remain upright. These balloons are available in a variety of designs such as characters from movies, television shows.

AirWalkers are a collection of balloons that are attached together to make a jumbo balloon. It is very important to read the instruction sheet in order to produce the best results. The instruction sheet will detail how to inflate the balloon and where to place the weight. 

These balloons have multiple self-sealing valves for different parts, so be sure to locate all the valves in order to fully inflate the balloon. The amount of helium required varies from balloon to balloon. AirWalkers should only be inflated with the brass tip nozzle regulator which is meant for foil balloons.

AirWalker Balloon Buddies

These balloons are smaller versions of AirWalkers and come packaged with a leash so it can be walked around. 

Coil Tail AirWalker 

Once inflated with helium, these balloons bounce freely and come with a tail made of garland or film coil that is weighted, allowing the balloon to hover across the floor. 

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