Hacks and Ways to Recycle Latex Balloons

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Balloons have many functions other than beautiful party decor. Customers, decorators, and event planners often find creative ways to put their leftover balloons to use without having to discard them. 

Ice Packs

This is a great hack to make custom, easy ice packs that will keep food and drinks cold. Fill 5-inch latex balloons with water and freeze them. Be sure to not overfill them, because the balloon will expand as the water freezes. Once the party is finished, place them back in the freezer and reuse them for the next event. This hack prevents ice from melting and dripping out of coolers. 

Jar Lids

Latex balloons are a great way to seal the top of a jar with no lid. Inflate a balloon large enough so that it can cover the diameter of the jar but do not tie it. Place the balloon over the top of a jar and slowly let go of the neck until it sucks onto the jar. Click How to seal a jar with a balloon to learn how. 

Sliding Glasses

Whether you have a wobbly table or a baby who likes to knock their glass over, this little trick will prevent glass cups from sliding around. Simply cut the neck off of a latex balloon and place it over the bottom of a glass cup. This creates friction and prevents cups from spilling over. 

Doll Clothes 

Make new outfits for your dolls by cutting out "clothes" from balloons. Use different prints to give your doll a stylish wardrobe. Click How to make doll clothes from latex balloons to learn how.

Homemade Confetti Poppers

Latex balloons (new or used) make great confetti poppers because latex is stretchy. It works like a slingshot to shoot out confetti. This is a quick and inexpensive craft idea for any kind of party with kids. Just make sure they are popped outside so there is not a huge mess to clean up!

Cut off a small part at the top of the balloon and tie a knot in the neck. Stretch the balloon over a toilet paper roll or a plastic cup and fill it up with confetti. Then simply pull on the neck of the balloon and watch the confetti explode. Click How to create balloon confetti poppers to learn how.


Fancy Vases

This is a great way to reuse glass bottles and turn them into a decorative flower vase or as part of a centerpiece. Cut off the neck of a balloon and stretch the opening over the bottom of a bottle. Choose complimentary prints and add tulle, ribbon, gems, jewels, and other accessories to accent the new vase. Click How to design a flower vase with a latex balloon. to learn how.

Rubber Eraser

Latex balloons can be used to erase gently written pencil marks because latex balloons and erasers both contain rubber which is why balloons are able to erase lead.

Stress Relief

Create stress balls by filling up a latex balloon with flour and water, slime, glue, etc. Using a funnel, simply pour the substance of your choice into the balloon and tie it off. Click How to create your own balloon stress ball to learn how to make one.

Dog Shoes

Instead of buying costly dog boots, use leftover balloons to make rubber boots. They are great for keeping your dog's feet warm, dry, and off of hot pavement. Cut the neck off a balloon so that the hole is wide enough to fit around your dog's foot. Click How to make rubber dog boots to learn how.


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