Insiders™ consists of two balloons– the outer balloon is made from a clear plastic film and the inside balloon is a smaller foil or plastic balloon. Each balloon has its own inflation point. 

It is important to follow the instructions included in the package of the balloon. 

Begin by inflating the outer balloon about one-quarter full and then fully inflate the inner balloon before fully inflating the outer balloon. The valve to inflate the outer balloon is generally located at the bottom of the balloon and the inner balloon inflation point is at the top. 

Both valves are self-sealing and are available in 24 to 42 inches in an assortment of prints and designs including Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Graduation, birthdays, and many more.

Insider™ Danglers are made of a large clear plastic film with a dangling shape (not a balloon) on the inside of it. The dangling object compliments the print on the balloon. These balloons only have one inflation point. 

Please note that Anagram has discontinued all danglers, except a happy birthday dangler (#11301). 

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