Hi-Float is a liquid substance put into a latex balloon to increase float time by creating a barrier to reduce air loss. Hi-Float can be used with both helium and air-filled latex balloons, but should never be used with foil balloons. 

Float times generally vary depending on factors such as temperature, quality of latex, humidity, altitude, climate, and helium quality. However, balloons treated with Hi-Float can float up to 25 times longer versus balloons not treated with it.


  • Hot and humid weather (outdoors) reduces float times of latex balloons not treated with Hi-Float.
  • Hand-tying balloons versus using clips or other accessories can increase maximum float times.
  • Air-filled latex balloons treated with ULTRA Hi-Float can maintain full size for over one month.

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Please read the article How to Apply Hi-Float and watch the following video for more information.


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