Quickie Clips, manufactured by Qualatex, are a fast and easy and way of sealing latex balloons without tying. They are used to fasten the clips to the neck of a balloon in order to prevent air or helium from escaping. 

Manual Quickie Clips are available in two sizes:  jumbo– used for latex balloons 14-inch to 18-inch; and standard clips – used for 9-inch to 12-inch latex balloons.

There is also a Quickie Clipper tool that holds strips of clips, making it easier to attach Quickie Clips to balloons. The tool and strips and are sold separately and the tool can only be used with standard-sized strips. It can only be used with strips specially made for it. Loose clips will not work and jumbo strips are not available for this tool.

Quickie Clips are also reusable, which is a great way to save and money. Gently unfasten the clips and release the air from the balloon to reuse the clips.

Please refer to the detailed instructions that can be found in the packaging of all products.

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