Airfill balloons are 2-inch to 16-inch foil balloons that do not float with helium because they are too small for the helium to overcome the weight of the balloon. These balloons typically require heat-sealing, a cup, and stick. 


Most customers are looking for balloons that self-seal and float with helium. To make it easier for customers, Bargain Balloons has airfill foil balloons in its own category– separate from other balloons–to avoid buying them by mistake.  


How to Search for Airfill Balloons


There are two methods to search for airfill on the Bargain Balloons website.


Method 1: Locate the search bar at the top right corner of the page. To search for airfill balloons, click "Include Airfill Balloons" under the search field (see image below).




Method 2: There is a green menu bar that goes across the top of the screen. Hover your mouse over the “Airfill Balloons” link to drop the menu and see all the different airfill categories (see image below)




Balloons that will not float with helium are:

  • Mini or micro balloons (balloons that go on sticks and cups)
  • Letter and numbers balloons 16 inch and smaller
  • Many script letter balloons
  • Sitting balloons
  • Inflate-A-Fun balloons
  • Selfie Frames

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