Speed Inflators™ are designed to release helium quicker than standard inflators, without disfiguring the shape of the balloon. A hand-tight connection attaches the inflator to the cylinder, while the pressure gauge measures how much gas is remaining in the tank. Once the inflator is connected to the cylinder; place the latex balloon neck over the outlet, and press downwards until the desired size is reached. If there are loud noises and vibrations when inflating a balloon, the balloon is not sitting properly on the outlet. It is best to hold the neck of the balloon, using one hand between your thumb and index finger.

Warnings: Only use for latex balloons.

Models: Speed Inflators come in either a single, double, or triple outlet. 

Use to Inflate:

  • 9 inch to 36 inch latex balloons
  • 12 inch Quick Link and Link-O-Loon balloons 
  • 646Q and 660Q modelling balloons
  • Geo Blossom Balloons
  • Geo Donut Balloons
  • Heart Latex Balloons

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