Cloudbuster Balloons: Discontinuations, Colors, Sizes, and everything else you need to know.

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What is a Cloudbuster balloon?

Cloudbuster balloons are made using a blend of natural and synthetic latex (Chloroprene)– which allows them to withstand different environmental elements and climates. They are only available in size 4-foot and 5.5-foot balloons.

Discontinued Colors and Sizes

As of September 2022, many Cloudbuster balloons will be discontinued by the manufacturer, unfortunately. Eight-foot Cloudbuster balloons will no longer be manufactured; size 4-foot and 5.5-foot balloons will be sold in fewer colors. Please see the chart below for more details.  

Helium Average Float Times

By attaching a heavy nylon tether line (#91247) or a display pennant line (#91246 and #91245)– a Cloudbuster balloon can float 100 feet or more for long periods of time, but require a lot of helium. 

The manufacturer has provided the following float times estimates:

  • The float time for a 4-foot Cloudbuster balloon is 4 to 5 days.
  • The float time for a 5.5-foot Cloudbuster balloon is 8 days.

These are only averages. Performance is not guaranteed.

These are only average float times and performance is not guaranteed due to factors depending on the size the balloon is inflated to, temperatures, and weather conditions. To increase float times, keep Cloudbuster balloons indoors in the evening hours and during bad weather.

Lift Ability of a Cloudbuster Balloon

The manufacturer has provided the following average lift ability estimates:

  • The average lift for a 4-foot Cloudbuster balloon is 1.7 Pounds (771 grams).
  • The average lift for a 5.5-foot Cloudbuster balloon is 4.7 Pounds (2.13 kilograms).

These are only averages. Performance is not guaranteed.


Amount of Helium Needed to Fill a Cloudbuster

Qualatex has provided the following approximate cubic feet of helium required per Cloudbuster balloon.

  • A 4-foot Cloudbuster requires 34 cubic feet
  • A 5.5-foot Cloudbuster requires 87 cubic feet

These are only estimates and the amount of helium needed could be 10 percent less or more than the amounts listed above. Performance is not guaranteed.

Beware Imitation Cloudbusters

Be careful of imitations when purchasing Cloudbuster balloons. Cloudbuster balloons are only made in Japan and marketed by Pioneer Balloon (Qualatex) through distributors. Authentic Cloudbuster balloons are individually packaged in a clear bag. There are other latex balloons that are the same size, but are not Cloudbuster balloons or necessarily meet the standards of a Cloudbuster balloon.


Double Stuffing

Double stuffing a Cloudbuster or chloroprene balloon to create a new or custom color is like double stuffing a standard latex. A Cloudbuster is much thicker and has oils in it, making it difficult to get the desired look. Bargain Balloons does not suggest this because of the cost of the balloon and the cost of helium.

Can balloon clips be used to close off Cloudbuster Balloons?

It is not recommended to use plastic clips or other plastic closures instead of tying off a Cloudbuster balloon. Pioneer has confirmed that they do not make or distribute any type of product for this purpose. Cloudbuster balloons are meant for one-time use only.


Painting, Writing, or Printing on a Cloudbuster Balloons

Latex or Cloudbuster balloons filled with helium will decrease in size depending on the climate, causing the paint to flake off. Bargain Balloons is not aware of any paint that can be used on latex or Cloudbuster balloons.

We also do not suggest using markers on latex/Cloudbusters, however, if you do need to write on the balloon, fill the balloon with helium or air before writing on it. Be very careful writing on the balloon because it is now under pressure, increasing the chances of it popping. 


There are custom screen printing options for Cloudbusters, but they are expensive and there are minimum buys. This is more of a corporate thing not for a person's name. Bargain Balloons does not suggest using Cloudbusters or outdoor balloons for decorating purposes. These balloons are not the same as latex balloons used for decorating.


Are Cloudbuster balloons reusable?

Manufacturers do not recommend reusing Cloudbuster balloons because they degrade after each use. Float times are reduced, and the potential for the balloon to pop is much greater. 


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Shop for Cloudbuster Balloons and display pennant lines



Still in Production

4-foot White Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

4-foot Pastel Yellow Cloudbuster Balloon



Still in Production

4-foot Yellow Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



Still in Production

4-foot Orange Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

4-foot Shell Pink Cloudbuster Balloon



Still in Production

4-foot Dark Pink Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



Still in Production

4-foot Red Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

4-foot Purple Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

4-foot Icy Blue Cloudbuster Balloon



Not Available

4-foot Island Blue Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



Still in Production

4-foot Blue Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene Latex



Not Available

4-foot Pistachio Cloudbuster Balloon



Still in Production

4-foot Kiwi Lime Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

4-foot Green Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



Still in Production

5.5-foot White Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

5.5-foot Pastel Yellow Cloudbuster Balloon



Still in Production

5.5-foot Yellow Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



Still in Production

5.5-foot Orange Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



Not Available

5.5-foot Shell Pink Cloudbuster Balloon



Still in Production

5.5-foot Dark Pink Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



Still in Production

5.5-foot Red Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

5.5-foot Purple Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

5.5-foot Icy Blue Cloudbuster Balloon



While Supplies Last

5.5-foot Island Blue Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



Still in Production

5.5-foot Blue Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

5.5-foot Pistachio Cloudbuster Balloon



Still in Production

5.5-foot Kiwi Lime Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

8-foot White Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

8-foot Yellow Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

8-foot Orange Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

8-foot Dark Pink Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

8-foot Red Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

8-foot Purple Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

8-foot Island Blue Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

8-foot Blue Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

8-foot Kwi Lime Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene



While Supplies Last

8-foot Green Cloudbuster Balloon Chloroprene


Please Note: Some of the sizes or colors listed on the sheet below are discontinued.


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