Glue Dots®, made by Clik-Clik, is a double-sided adhesive dot used to stick to two objects together. The dots are available in five different tack levels and three different thickness profiles. 

The Glue Dots® Bargains Balloons sells are a low tack level and thickness profile. A low tack level has a removable bond, while a high tack level has a permanent bond. 

How to Use Glue Dots

  1. Thread the Glue Dots® strip through the box’s built-in dispenser. 
  2. Directly place the balloon onto the Glue Dots® and then peel to release. 

TIP* Do not use your fingers to peel off the Glue Dot because it makes the glue dot less sticky. Glue Dots® are available in different patterns and shapes.

Glue Squares® are larger than Glue Dots® and are meant for bigger items. Glue Dots® is also available in a handheld version called The Runner. The Runner can be dragged across an object, leaving one glue dot in place. If this device is being used on a balloon, adhere the glue onto the balloon before inflating it.

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