Please do not rely on this information if there is a holiday during the time frame your parcel may be delivered. Each holiday can impact shipping times differently.

A business day is any day that the courier company operates for the chosen shipping method. The first day the order ships DO NOT count as a business day. One business day is next day service.

  • FedEx, UPS ground, and express are open Monday to Friday. Saturday is only considered a business day when priority Saturday service is chosen. Otherwise, Saturday is not counted when calculating business days. 
  • USPS typically delivers shipments Monday to Saturday, so Saturday can be considered as a business day.
  • Canada Post delivers parcels Monday to Friday.

Here are some examples:

If an order is shipped Monday with UPS, FedEx, or Canada Post: 

  • 1 Business Day: delivered on Tuesday
  • 2 Business Days: delivered on Wednesday
  • 3 Business Days: delivered on Thursday
  • 4 Business Days: delivered on Friday
  • 5 Business Days: delivered the following Monday (Since Saturday and Sunday are not business days).

Holiday and delivery delays can impact delivery times.

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