Crystal and Jewel Assortment Balloons

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What is a jewel or crystal balloon?

Crystal or jewel-toned latex are translucent balloons that allow more light to go through them– compared to standard solid color latex balloons which do not allow as much light through– or latex balloons with a pearl or metallic tone that let little light through the balloon and have a glitter finish. Crystal color balloons have declined in popularity so a few manufacturers have stopped making as many colors or discontinued manufacturing crystal colors altogether.  Other manufacturers have added pastel colors which have been popular in the past few years.

Please Note: Qualatex latex brand uses the term ‘jewel,’ whereas almost all other brands refer to their translucent latex balloons as ‘crystal.’


Tip: The more you inflate a balloon– the more it will stretch the latex allowing more light and outlines of objects to be seen through the balloon.


The color of an un-inflated latex balloon will not look the same as when it is inflated. To see the actual color of a latex balloon, you will have to inflate it to size. Once the latex stretches and the light hits the balloon you will be able to see the real color.


Bargain Balloons carries the full line of crystal/jewel-toned balloons from Qualatex and will be carrying the full line from Kalisan Brand. We only carry a limited selection of Betallatex and Tuftex brand latex balloons, but can special order any color we do not stock. 

Decomex has discontinued its line of colored crystal latex balloons, however, they still make clear (transparent) balloons. 


Below is a list of jewel/crystal-toned colors and assortments from each brand Bargain Balloons carries.


Qualatex Brand

Qualatex makes the following colors in jewel colors: 

  • Diamond Clear
  • Citrine Yellow
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Ruby Red
  • Jewel Magenta
  • Sparkling Burgundy
  • Quartz Purple
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Jewel Teal


The assortments include the following colors:

  • Quartz Purple
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Ruby Red
  • Citrine Yellow
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Diamond Clear

The assortments are available in the following sizes:

  • 5-inch
  • 9-inch
  • 11-inch
  • 16-inch
  • shapes (Geo-blossom and Geo-donut) 

Shop for all Qualatex Jewel Assortments

Twisting Balloons

Qualatex does not make a jewel-twisting balloon assortment.  The Traditional Assortment contains the most jewel-tone colors along with a few standard colors:

  • Quartz Purple
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Ruby Red
  • Citrine Yellow
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Standard Colors: Pink, Pale Blue, White, Onyx Black

Shop for Qualatex Traditional Assortment Twisting Balloons


Qualatex also makes geo-blossoms, geo-donuts jewel-toned, and some printed jewel balloons.

Shop for all Jewel Toned Qualatex Balloons

Kalisan Brand

Kalisan makes Crystal and Pure Crystal toned balloons in the colors listed below (see images below). Crystal colors are only available in 12-inch. 

Shop for Kalisan Crystal Balloons

Pure crystal colors are available in:

  • 12-inch
  • 18-inch
  • 24-inch
  • 12-inch heart-shaped.

Betallatex Brand

Bargain Balloons does not carry the full line of Betallatex balloons, however, we can carry colors based on special requests.

Shop for Betallatex Crystal Balloons

Below you will find a color chart for Betallatex balloons.

TufTex Brand

Bargain Balloons does not carry the full line of Tuftex balloons, however, we can special order or carry any color upon request. 


Shop for Tuftex Crystal Balloons


Bargain Balloons does not suggest buying assortments with the assumption or expectation that the balloon colors will be evenly distributed or that all of the colors will be in the assortment. Manufacturers do not guarantee this. For this reason, we suggest that you purchase all of the colors you MUST have individually.

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