How to Make An Arch

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There are many ways to build a balloon arch, here are four methods explaining how to.


Method 1

Requires a frame and no helium.

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Method 2 

Made with or without helium, two weights, and a fishing line. 
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Method 3

Requires helium (except when you can hang from the ceiling) and a balloon arch decorating strip. You can find a link to the product below. This product has pre-punched holes along a plastic strip. You insert the balloons into the holes and an arch quickly comes together. This method avoids the need to tie balloons to a fishing line and because the holes are perfectly spaced you get a consistent look for your arch in a fraction of the time.

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Method 4 

This method requires Linking balloons. These balloons can be tied at both ends, therefore, allowing the balloons to be tied together creating an arch. With sixteen 12-inch Quick Links balloons, you can make a simple 8 x 10-foot arch.

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Basic Arch Calculations

  • The Arch is wider than it is tall (Height + Width = Approximate Length)
  • The Arch is wider than it is tall (Height + Width = Approximate Length)
  • Arch is taller than it is wide (2 x Height) + Width = Approximate Length)

The required number of balloons per foot.

  • 5-inch balloons = 12 per foot (5-inch balloons will not float with helium)
  • 9-inch balloons = 8 per foot
  • 11-12-inch balloons = 6 per foot
  • 14-inch balloons = 4 per foot
  • 16-inch balloons = 4 per foot



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