Anagram's 2019 Licensed Balloons – New Release!

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Anagram manufactured balloons for Disney's 2019 remake of Aladdin in a variety of self-sealing sizes, including a 14-inch air-fill, a 16-inch Orbz, an 18-inch round foil printed balloon with two different designs on the front and back, and a 42-inch jumbo balloon. 

Anagram's Aladdin bouquet includes:

  • One 42-inch foil balloon
  • Two 18-inch Aladdin foil balloons
  • Two Pomegranate Satin Luxe™ 18-inch foil heart balloons

The 18-inch Aladdin balloon is a Helium Savers® XL®, which means the balloon is 5% smaller than a standard 18-inch foil balloon and requires 20% less helium.

The 42-inch jumbo balloon featuring Aladdin and Jasmine is designed using Anagram's Xtra-Life Technology®. This keeps the balloon floating longer and looking fresher. Xtra-Life Technology® balloons retain helium three to five times longer than standard foil balloons. Aladdin's 16-inch Orbz balloon is an Orbz™ XL™ balloon. 

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Anagram has released a realistic 3D design of Disney's 2019 remake of The Lion King. Simba and Nala's colors are lifelike with vivid brown tones and brush strokes.

These new Lion King balloons are available in 14-inch air-fill, 16-inch Orbz, 18-inch round foil (printed with two different designs on the front and back), and a 31-inch jumbo balloon featuring Simba and Nala.  

The Lion King balloon bouquet includes:

  • One 31-inch foil balloon
  • Two 18-inch Lion King foil balloons
  • Two standard 18-inch gold star foil balloons

The Lion King balloons are also created with helium-saving technologies. The 18-inch balloon is a Helium Savers® XL®, and the 16-inch Orbz is an Orbz™  XL™. All balloons are self-sealing.

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Anagram has released new licensed Mermaid Barbie balloons with a new oceanic Mermaid Barbie balloon design. The balloons feature multiple Mermaid Barbies and Barbie's famous golden puppy. The heart-shaped 28-inch Mermaid Barbie is a holographic iridescent balloon. 

The Helium Saver® Jumbo balloon is 25% smaller than a standard jumbo balloon, saving you on helium. The 18-inch Mermaid Barbie balloon is a Helium Savers® XL®. 

The Mermaid Barbie balloon bouquet includes:

  • One 28-inch foil balloon
  • Two 18-inch Barbie Mermaid balloons
  • Two 18-inch heart-shaped balloons

All balloons are self-sealing.


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