Sweetest Day, similar to Valentine's Day,  is a "holiday" that centers around love and gift-giving. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of every October, and is known as a "Hallmark Holiday". 

It was first called Candy Day in 1916 but was renamed Sweetest Day in 1921, to change the focus towards generosity and gratitude through the gifting of cards, sweets, and baked goods to loved ones. 

Sweetest Day is observed in parts of the northeastern United States, northern parts of Florida, and especially in Cleveland, Ohio, where it originated from a committee of twelve confectioners (a person that sells or makes candy). Confectioners distributed over 20,000 boxes of candy to orphans, the poor, elderly, by using famous movie stars to help distribute candy to promote the Sweetest Day.

Although it is not as popular as other holidays, there are many Sweetest Day foil and latex balloons manufactured by Anagram, CTI, Classic, Convergram, and Betallic, ranging from 4-inch air-fills to 36-inch Super Shapes. 

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