Aeropole System

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The AeroPole System now allows decorators to create spectacular air-filled balloon arches and columns without having to use helium. Decorators have started using ore mair-filled designs because of the soaring cost of helium due to the shortage. 

 The AeroPole System pays for itself within two to three uses and can be used both indoors and outdoors unlike many other DIY frames that collapse under bad weather. AeroPoles are flexible and made from lightweight materials and do not crack under windy conditions. 

Download the AeroPole Manufacturer Brochure

Tips for Best Results

  • AeroPoles are designed to slip together. It is a good idea to wrap each joint with Gaffers tape so that they do not come apart. Gaffers tape is best because it leaves little to no residue when removed.
  • It is your choice on how many poles should be used in the design. The fewer poles used, the closer together the base plates need to be. You can use all seven poles and choose to have your plates further apart or closer together, creating a higher arch. 
  • Kits can be combined to create longer arches, but if you choose to do this it is recommended that a 5 foot ¾ inches EMT conduit is used for more than seven poles to provide greater stability.
  • A 5-foot ¾ inches EMT conduit should also be used when building a column that uses three to four poles. Slide the EMT conduit over the starter pole all the way down and add Gaffer tape to secure it. Ensure that the conduit does not have any sharp edges as this can pop the balloons as well as damage the starter pole.
  • Balloon clusters should be attached to the poles before placing poles into the base which will require at least two people.
  • When inserting the starter pole into the base pin, it is critical that it is in a straight line so that the pole does not get damaged. The starter pole should slide in easily and should not be forced into the pin. 
  • Dacron or monofilament can also be used to tie the AeroPole to the base plate for additional security. 
  • The AeroPole should only be used on solid-level surfaces. 
  • Base plates are stackable when extra weight is needed. 

The AeroPole System Kit Includes

  • Two 28.5 lbs 24-inch square base plates (includes 6-inch bolt-on pin, bolts, and washers). The pin can be attached to eight possible locations.
  • Seven 5-foot-long poles (1 start pole and 6 poles with a 4-inch attachment pin).

How to Use the Aeropole System 

The Aeropole System Being Used at an Event


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