Betallic Product Types

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Mailbox Balloons

These air-fill balloons come in a variety of designs with different themes to fit on any standard-size mailbox. They range in size from 31 to 35 inches. Some designs include a pirate ship, it’s a boy/girl elephant, a graduation owl, and a princess castle and many more. 

Mighty Pics

Largely sized food items are designed as balloons for photographic or advertising purposes. Some balloon food designs include pizza, donuts, tacos, hotdogs, etc.

HASHTAG Balloons™

These vibrant 18-inch balloons are designed with colorful polka dots and hashtag greetings. Some greetings include 'Thank You', 'Happy Birthday', 'Congrats', etc. 

StackersThese stacked multi-shaped balloons come in three different designs– 'Feliz Cumplea̱os', star USA, and a birthday trio.

Nozzles Up: These 260B Betallatex entertainer balloons come in 50 counts and are available in a variety of different colors. 

Special Delivery: These balloons are actually two separate balloons that have two pre-attached points. When all the balloons are inflated, they can stand to over 5-feet tall. Some designs include a stork (girl and boy theme), flamingo, red heart, etc. 

Square & Diamond: These 18-inch balloons are shaped like squares and diamonds and designed with a variety of themes and fun unique styles. 

Balloon Banner: These double-sided banners are paired with round latex balloons and inflate to 10-feet long. Some designs made are 'Congratulations, Birthday Girl, Welcome, Happy Birthday, etc. 

Gigaloons: These 64-inch number balloons inflate to 4-feet tall and are available in numbers from 0 to 9 in gold and silver colors.

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