Anagram Multi-Balloons are comprised of multiple balloons that form one giant sized balloon when inflated. Two or more balloons are attached together, and inflate horizontally or vertically. One main balloon may also work as the background to a smaller balloon that "pops" out and forms a 3D look. Instructions differ for each Multi-Balloon design, so the instructions included in the packaging should be followed. The instructions will assist you with balloon inflation, along with displaying the location of the self-sealing valves. In some cases, the packaging includes adhesive tape to connect balloons together, for a seamless look with tabs for attaching ribbon. Tie a weight or ribbon to the bottom of the balloon and inflate with helium.

Multi-Balloons can also comprise of a small foil balloon attached to a jumbo balloon. This creates a 3D appearance. The jumbo balloon should be inflated first. Inflate the smaller foil balloon next, and use the adhesive tape that comes with the packaging to attach the balloons together. Some Multi-Balloons (like the love bear balloon shown below) are apart of Anagram's consumer inflatable line. Inflate these balloons with a straw or hand pump (use air only).