A latex allergy is when a person has an allergic reaction to the proteins in natural rubber latex. If a person with this type of allergy is exposed to latex, a reaction can immediately or gradually occur. Some items made with rubber latex include balloons, condoms, toys, shoe soles, and elastic bands. 

Type 1 hypersensitivity is the most serious form of a latex allergy and can cause an immediate life-threatening reaction.

Type IV (Contact Dermatitis) will cause a less extreme reaction. People with Type IV sensitivity will experience skin rashes that blister and ooze. 

Irritant Contact Dermatitis is the least extreme type of reaction. This type will only cause dryness and itchiness to areas on the skin. 

If you know or think you have a latex allergy, please do your due diligence before purchasing from Bargain Balloons or any retailer. 

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