There are three main manufacturers who make rose gold air-filled self-sealing letter and number balloons– Betallic, Northstar and Anagram. However, at this time Bargain Balloons does not carry Anagram foil letter and number balloons in rose gold. 

The two manufacturers we do carry call their number and letter balloons rose gold, however, the tones of the colors vary from one another.

When inflated, Northstar balloons inflate to 13 inches and Betallic balloons inflate to 12.5 inches. The width of a letter or number depends on the actual letter or number itself. A non-inflated balloon can look significantly different from an inflated one.

The Betallic brand is cheaper because it does not come in retail packaging or with a straw to inflate the balloons. Whereas the Northstar brand comes in retail packaging and with a straw.

These balloons will not float with helium and are meant to be filled with air only. A hand pump can be used to inflate these balloons, but do not to over-inflate them. 

The balloons have tabs, so they can be strung together using a fishing line or ribbon. The Betallic letter "O" or the number zero can also be used to create a chain.

Betallic balloons are made in Italy, and Northstar balloons are made in the USA.