UltraShape™ Balloons

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UltraShape™ balloons are manufactured by Anagram and available in four different styles with a 3-dimensional look. 

UltraShape™ Diamondz™ are self-sealing balloons that have 4-panels creating a 3-dimensional diamond-shaped foil balloon. These balloons are only available in 15-inch. There are two designs with all-around print and opposing panels consisting of the same design. 

When inflating a Diamondz™ balloon, the top panels will inflate first. An auto-fill foil valve should be used to inflate these balloons. Do not stop inflating even if the nozzle makes a sound– this is normal so keep inflating until the nozzle stops. 

They come in a variety of prints and designs such as weddings, birthdays, licensed, graduation, and solid colors. These balloons make a great balloon because the pointy necks can stick together using adhesive. 

Note: Do not tie the ribbon onto the small inflated area around the neck. This may damage the self-sealing valve and cause the helium to escape. 

UltraShape™ Cubez balloons are self-sealing foil balloons manufactured with  4 panels creating a 3-dimensional balloon. They are available in 15 to 16 inches and once inflated form a 3-dimensional square with the same print on opposing panels. UltraShape Cubez balloons are available in an array of prints similar to UltraShape™ Diamondz™. Do not tie the ribbon onto the small inflated area on the neck because it may damage the self-sealing valve causing the helium to escape. 

UltraShape™ Anglez balloons are similar to an UltraShape™ Diamondz™ foil balloon but have a point at the top and the bottom of the balloon. These self-sealing foil balloons are available from 16 to 25 inches and come in a variety of themes.

Standard UltraShape foil balloons are manufactured with 3 to 4 panels and are available in many different designs such as 3D dinosaurs, dogs, hearts, etc. Most of these balloons are not meant to be geometrical, like the UltraShape™ Cubez™ or UltraShape™ Diamondz™. 

These balloons lay flat when uninflated but once inflated, their panels pop open and form three-dimensional shapes. It is important to continue inflating the balloon until the nozzle automatically shuts off because there are multiple panels that need to be filled. Standard UltraShape can be inflated with either air or helium. 

Some styles come with an adhesive tab that should be placed underneath the balloon in order to attach the ribbon because the inflation points are not elongated. 

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Ultra Shape Balloons
Balloon TypeDimensionsHelium Required
Orbz 15" X 16"1.13 ft3
Orbz Jumbo21" X 21"3.19 ft3
Cubez15" X 15"1.35 ft3
Diamondz15" X 17"0.96 ft3

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