Latex Balloons Solid Colors

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Bargain Balloons sells several different brands of latex balloons in a variety of colors and sizes. To see the selection of latex balloons on our website– hover above the green drop-down menu labeled “Latex Balloons” (see image below). From there you can explore all of our different types and brands of latex balloons.

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Kalisan, Decomex, and Qualatex are our most popular latex balloons.  Kalisan and Decomex balloons are our everyday value lines of latex balloons. These balloons are a higher-end discount brand for birthday parties and giveaways. 


We suggest using Qualatex brand products for high-end decorating for their consistency, color selection, low defect rates and float times.  For professional decorators, we often recommend Qualatex, however, the Decomex and Kalisan brands are extremely popular because they offer a superior quality product at a much lower price.,


Color Differences

Latex balloons are available in many different colors.  The color selection differs by manufacturer.  You will notice latex balloons are often referred to as standard, fashion, jewel, pearl, Chrome/mirror, and metallic.  These describe how the balloons deal with light.


  • Standard and Fashion colors are Opaque so they let little light through the balloon.
  • Jewel or Crystal colors are semi-transparent so light travels through the balloon and you may see the outlines of objects through them.
  • Pearl and Metallic colors have a shimmering look to them that makes them sparkle in the light.
  • Chrome™/Mirror has a rich, reflective solid color that has a metallic shine that glitters in the light.

The way light reflects or travels through a balloon will alter how they look.


Below you will find links to our solid color latex balloons.


Shop for Latex Balloons

Decomex  Brand
Kalisan Brand
Qualatex Brand (Please note: some foil balloons appear in this link.)

Tuf-Tex Brand


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