Prank Latex Balloon Assortments

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Pranks assortments are packages of latex balloons made up of opened/broken bags, products close to their best before date, overstocked inventory, and discounted balloons. The balloons have been tested for air use only, however, some will still be Inflatable with helium. However, we do not recommend using helium because these balloons are not sold for that purpose. All latex, when newly made, has an expected defect rate of up to 4%, which is normal for even fresh latex balloons. 


Bargain Balloons’ prank assortment packages weigh approximately 5 lbs. and are made of up various sizes, colors, shades, and types of latex balloons– from 5-inch to 36-inch, twisting balloons, and shaped latex balloons (assortment packs do not contain Cloudbuster balloons). 


Unfortunately, we are unable to say how much of each type or kind of latex is in any balloon assortment. There are no refunds for assortment packs unless the majority of the balloons are damaged. 


Please Note: No assortment contains only one type or size of balloon. Each assortment has an estimated average of 500-800 balloons and contains more 9-inch to 12-inch balloons than other sizes.

Quantity of balloons per 5 lbs. bag.
5-inch– 2300

9-inch– 900

11/12-inch– 570 

17-inch– 275

36-inch– 100 

One assortment pack is enough to pull off a good prank. We estimate you can fill a 10 X 10 room with balloons to a depth of 3 ft. to 5 ft. high (see math below). If the room is larger you may need more than one assortment pack. 


Prank Balloon Math


In order to fill a small 10 X 10 room with balloons, you will need to calculate how many balloons you will need. The average 11/12-inch latex balloon can be filled with 0.50 cubic feet of air on average.


Begin by calculating the cubic feet (cu ft.) of the area you want to fill.

L x W x H 


Example: The room you want to fill is 10 ft. in width, 10 ft. in length, and you want the room to be filled 5 ft. in height with balloons.


Multiply: 10 X 10 X 5=500


Then divide the result by 0.50 cu ft.

500/.50= 1000 


You will need 1000 balloons that are 11/12-inch balloons to fill the room.  


Please Note: It is important to take the furniture in the room into your calculations.  You may need only half the calculated amount because of the furniture, and the number of larger balloons you use (see the chart below).


Cubic Feet of Air Required to Fill a Balloon

9-inch: 0.25 cu ft.

11-inch: 0.50 cu ft.

17-inch: 1.50 cu ft.


Please Note: 

  • Blowing up too many balloons too quickly with your mouth can cause health issues. It is important to use a balloon pump to blow up the balloons with air; this will also make your balloons last longer.
  • We strongly recommend using a dual-action balloon pump (unless you are filling a 160Q twisting latex balloon which requires a smaller pump) to inflate balloons.  The dual-action pump will save you a lot of time and energy because whether you push or pull the pump– the balloon will inflate.

 Please send us pictures and let us know how your prank went!


For your convenience, here is a link to the pump– #31095 Dual Action Pump

Shop for Dual Action Pump



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