Open a support ticket and provide us with an image, product code, or link to what you are requesting. List the quantity you need, your location, and when you need the product and we will look into your inquiry.

If we already stock the product, we will provide you with a link to the product on our website. If we do not stock it, we will check to see if the product can be stocked and how long it will take us to receive stock.

The following are reasons we may not be able to stock a product: 

  • The product is exclusive to another company.
  • We do not sell or carry low-quality products.
  • The product is not licensed in North America.
  • It is discontinued and the manufacturer has no stock to ship.
  • The product is new and is not yet available to distributors.
  • We have a similar product and decided to stock that instead (we can typically still source the product you need).
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